I just fixed my hair with the least amount of effort ever! Score! I also feel pretty today.
Someone missed me today 😻#kittenmittens #EGG
Infinite Shitbears.
The manicure I did earlier. I’ve been lazy all day and I’m just not doing a clean up today. #waterspotting
Sunday morning cuddles are the best cuddles. #kittenmittens

ROTTEN EGG! Ignore my tv sounds!

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Aralynn “bein’ lika dawg” :)
Five glasses into my evening I decided to do a manicure.
She’s bad, but she’s cute. #doggyloves
Good morning! I just took my hair out of my messy bun I sleep in and this is what it looked like. I SHIT YOU NOT. I think I’m not even going to brush my hair today it will mess it up.
Apparently it’s bed time.

EGG! Fights herself in the mirror. This is the first time I could catch it on video. 🐱 #kittenmittens #kitten

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There will be casualties today.
This is what I hope my furbabies do when EGG! is bigger!
This mug though. #globe