Yesterday’s hair do turns into today’s hair do. My new favorite thing. The picture on the left, that took me about five minutes. The picture in the right, that’s what my hair does when I take it out of the headband. Two days worth of fabulous looking hair for absolutely no effort. 👍👍
EGG! She’s the worst. #kittenmittens
I just fixed my hair with the least amount of effort ever! Score! I also feel pretty today.
Someone missed me today 😻#kittenmittens #EGG
Infinite Shitbears.
The manicure I did earlier. I’ve been lazy all day and I’m just not doing a clean up today. #waterspotting
Sunday morning cuddles are the best cuddles. #kittenmittens

ROTTEN EGG! Ignore my tv sounds!

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Aralynn “bein’ lika dawg” :)
Five glasses into my evening I decided to do a manicure.
She’s bad, but she’s cute. #doggyloves
Good morning! I just took my hair out of my messy bun I sleep in and this is what it looked like. I SHIT YOU NOT. I think I’m not even going to brush my hair today it will mess it up.
Apparently it’s bed time.

EGG! Fights herself in the mirror. This is the first time I could catch it on video. 🐱 #kittenmittens #kitten

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There will be casualties today.